Melissa J Albert

Portrait Artist. Heritage Keeper. Visual Storyteller

Your Little Girl

She  Will Always Be Your Little Girl  She will always be your little girl they tell us, you will always have your memories they tell us and yet our brains can not create every visual moment quick enough.  As the years go by quickly I might add so does the...


Did you know that Mother's Day was proclaimed a National Holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914.  May 10, 1908 Anna Jarvis created a memorial for her mother to remember her since her passing three years prior.  That was a sweet tribute and now for over one one...

My Favorite Moments

Welcome as my blogging journey takes shape this year, you will find my favorite dreams here.  For now please enjoy the imagery below of past dream shoots.  Creatively, Melissa

Dreams Do Come True

How to dress syblings so that their styles reflect their personalities