She  Will Always Be Your Little Girl


She will always be your little girl they tell us, you will always have your memories they tell us and yet our brains can not create every visual moment quick enough.  As the years go by quickly I might add so does the recollection of that moment.  You know the ones her first sandcastle, the first safari in the tall grass as she is chasing fireflies or the very first time she has picked up her book to nestle up to the big old maple tree in the yard.  As she is turning the pages one by one your brain is doing the same thing, compartmentalizing each moment.  But we do not necessarily remember those memories on command and that is why I am here.  

I am your visual heirloom keeper, yes that is right memories are my passion.  Not just creating them but providing the link to the memories by the way of your wall portrait or keepsake box of images. And when you open the lid which has her name engraved on it, you are delicately tugging on the ribbon that lifts each movement of that day.  You are calling out to the memory box in your brain. 

 The visual portraits have ignited a spark within that forced your brain to say, “Hello, welcome back to this memory.”  You are transformed back to that moment when we create her dream portrait, that celebrated her beauty, her love of the beach and the giggles along the way as she told you that she wanted you to carry her on your back down to the surf.  Remember? Ah, I do.  

I remember, you see when you thought I was taking her portraits.  I was taking my own visual account in my brain of the way you looked at her in the gown as she swayed at the edge of the water, how the corners of your mouth turned up into this loving smile.  How she looked back at you and you looked at her with your big brown eyes with such wonder.  Thank you for that. 

Then the other senses kicked in as I was photographing your sweet adventurous daughter, I could not hear the ocean waves or hear the sea gulls but the gasp that came from you as you saw your daughter once more as your little girl.  

This is why I love photographing tweens, they are in-between the stage of a little girl and teen.  She is fearless, she hopes, she dreams and she is not afraid to share that with us.  She is adventurous as she continues to use her imagination.  She wants to be an artist on the banks of the Seine, an author of an extraordinaire tale, a storyteller of history, an architect that preserves the past through building preservation, a doctor or yes even a world traveler. Remember the book  Around The World In 80 Days?  Ah the adventures.  

I can not help but giggle because when she said to me, “I am gymnast I can do anything!” She jumped, we jumped.  There is nothing she can not do.  YOU are raising an alpha female.  A girl who will be a woman, who will own her own power in this world.  But until then sit a spell and cherish these moments now and again by gently remembering through touch of your keepsake portraits. 

Thank you for sharing your little girl with me.  Till we meet again.