I remember as a child hearing that your childhood friends will be your life long friends. It is funny how when we grow up friendships have come and gone maybe because one has moved, the individual likes have changed through the years or they have a long-standing friendships.  These are friendships that are forged through school, activities and yes even chance meetings.  

What I absolutely adore about these four friends is that while two of the girls Courtney and Acadia go to school at Morse High in my hometown they met Jade who attends Mt. Blue Middle School while Brinley lives in the Lisbon area and attends Harspwell Coastal Academy .   When they came together I could see them forging a bond that can last a lifetime.  Their likes began with school activities from cheering, sports and filtered into outside of school activities such as dancing, going to the beach, hiking, fishing and more.  What I truly adore about our Maine girls is that their kindness and ability to see what can turn into a life long friends with such ease that it made my heart giggle watching them together.  They truly have kind hearts, uncontrollable laughter and do they love creating those bonds of friendship.  It was funny when the mom’s told me that the girls could not stop talking about when they would see each other again.   I have a feeling we will be celebrating these girls again very soon until then enjoy this friendship session that they had with my studio as we took a trip on the coast out in Georgetown, Maine.


Whether you are taking a walk through the woods near the coast exploring or sitting on the drift wood that the ocean had deposited during the latest storm playing the Left to Right Game as one of the mom’s reads the poem you find yourselfs laughing so hard that you almost fall off that very log your seated on.  Thankfully I am sure you will have a friend just they did that will grabbed you by the bean boot before you hit the ground.   Thank you to all the Mom’s for sharing these girls with me, their friendships and more memories than I can count.  See you soon!